Maria Joseph – Artist , Costume Designer, Costume Structural technician,
Carnival Art form Design Consultant .
Maria Joseph has been designing costumes for over 25 years, first as a hobby
gradually making the transition to a fulltime business under the brand name of
Mardi Gras Arts , she operates from her workshop in London England.
Maria provides serving various sectors of the fashion and entertainment
industry, providing bespoke costumes for carnivals here and abroad , for
theatre productions ,and pageants.
She specializes in Wire bending , feather work ,technical advice, swimwear
Maria also provides costume production services to the carnival industry at
competitive rates in the UK and Caribbean, with products being finished to

high standards perpetuating the legacy of the carnival artform within the
Caribbean Diaspora
She facilitates costume workshops for all age, voluntary work experience,
mentoring schemes for young people especially of Caribbean heritage, to
explore and develop their own artistic skills and possibly utilize them to
acquire gainful employment within the artform.

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