Theresa Donkoh, is an emerging Ghanaian UK-based African designer with the brand
name Victees fashion. Starting her youthful days in Ghana, made her have the chance
to experience some cultural values. These include traditional weddings, festivals and
masquerade celebrations which are often held on special days. What intrigued her
about these events, are the display of rich blend of colours as well as beautiful clothing
designs. All these inspired her to enter into the fashion industry.
Having a two-day work experience with ‘Xcite’, a fashion marketing company, as a
backstage runner and dresser for a fashion show which organised in Milton Keynes,
UK, she had the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment with popular high-
street fashion brands, where she got hands-on experience on dressing and styling

Theresa has gained most of her skills from fashion institutions, namely Milton Keynes
college and Buckinghamshire New University. She has the aspiration of becoming one
of the eminent fashion designers. With the experience and knowledge in the fashion
business, she successfully established her online website, where she sells products such
as her brand t-shirts and accessories on ‘victeesfashion’.


‘Divine-Lurid’, her summer 2020 collection, includes five outfits with interesting
prints, colours and textures. Always wanting to show creativity and uniqueness through
her designs, she incorporated fabric manipulation techniques together with applique.
Kofi Ansah, who was a great Ghanaian fashion designer is one of her major role

models in the fashion world. Most of his inspiration evolved from the African arts and
culture. What she loves most about his designs is the representation of African arts and
vibrant colours. Aside this, one of his quotes which reads “Living itself is a burden.
But for the sake of someone, I must stay alive and not die until I accomplish that
mission” is what keeps her motivated daily.

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