My earliest memory of my passion for fashion and style was when I used to
spend hours in front of the mirror, trying out coats/ jackets that would complete
my look for school the next day, I was only in year 7. 

I am a registered and practising children’s nurse Specialist however, my
journey into becoming a fashion designer was established last year  when I
finally realised that I always styled my outfits and looked sexy and fabulous
effortlessly,  and thus decided to create my own designs so women could look
and feel fabulous without trying. My mother and late maternal aunty were
naturally talented seamstresses and fashion designers, so it was only right
that I adhered to the ‘calling’. 

Fashion by Princess Melodicaah produces custom made designs to ensure
that we cater for beautiful women of all ethnicity, body shapes and sizes and
to also eliminate some of the frustrations of modern day online shopping such
as an order not fitting as advertised or not catering to all women because one
size does not fit all!. 

For a unique and infinite design in my work, I connect with my fabrics by
talking to them and they respond by giving me visions in my mind. This is part
of my artistic and creative process. Fashion by Princess Melodicaah is here to
stay and I can’t wait to share my work with the world!

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