Lisa Dunt is a London based fashion graduate who Specialises in Digital Print and digital pattern cutting after graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth this summer.the fabric denim is also shown throughout her collection.

After researching how denim is an undying trend and durable fabric she started to up-cycle the cloth and create digital prints of them.
Sustainability is a big problem in the fashion industry and showing that
patch work and up-cycling can be beautiful is something she has achieved.

Inspired by her trip to
Bethlam hospital. She started looking at the concept of the way different people see the same object differently.
Bethlam mental health hospital where displaying an art exhibition where each patient had created a different piece of art but of the same object.
This led to her research and her discovery of the Rorschach ink test and how an
ink blot is used to see how a person’s mind interprets them. She created her own ink blots
which she used as her pattern for print development and for pattern cutting her fabric.



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