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Never Let Fear Hold You Back !!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Fashion have a part to play in equality because, its an industry based on self expression and creativity. Fashion doesn’t just sell clothes, it sells self esteem and personal identity and cannot fulfil it’s true duty as an art form if it is not diverse nor inclusion.

The Fashion Spot is the diversity watchdog for the runway for women only, unfortunately there is no organisation assigned to keep an eye on the diversity for designers, hair and makeup team or audience diversity at the shows. Currently there isn't any diversity watchdog set up for the runway for men.

Broderick Hunter, a black male model on the runway shares his story with Teen Vogue about his experiences trying to break into the industry as a man of colour but despite the countless rejections, he persevered and is now a male supermodel/actor, known as the Ralph Lauren Polo model. He also has multiple features in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, GQ and many more.

"it was really really difficult to get into the door. Not even getting in. Once you're in the door, you still have to fight to maximise the limited space you've been given. So, yeah, I can get a Marc Jacobs call, but there's gonna be all those other established black boys there, and on top of that I have to compete with the white boys, which is already hard enough. It's a double competition and you're starting at the very bottom of the barrel".

source: Teen Vogue

Enricque, 19, took his first bold step in his modelling journey by signing up to take part in Undiscovered Fashion Show, which he did so successfully. He is working hard to establish himself within the industry and is on the constant look out for opportunities.

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