WB Collection draws its inspiration from the Ghanaian culture and “Jolomi” where it is worn as casual everyday wear but still carries the great importance and ownership of its culture.
WB Collection pieces incorporate rich colours of embroidery with a twist of metallic threads to make the embroidery pop; It is hand crafted and has precisely created patterns, on quality materials, which is then stitched on relevant and modern shapes and cuts of clothing in today’s trends.

In creating these pieces of clothing and incorporating the essence of “Jolomi”, WB Collection wants their consumers to stand out with bold pieces and exciting designs but still be on par with their peers and feel current and fashionable.
This new collection was made for those who are on the go but still like to keep it fashionable, comfortable and current.

This collection incorporates their embroidered patterns but has been fused with a more relaxed and causal vibe of clothing.
The patterns are more commercial so it’s an easy pick from your wardrobe when looking for a trendy yet effortless piece to wear.

WB Collection want their consumers to be able to wear the royalties of African Culture but be comfortable and confident enough wear it every day and on any day.

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