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Where Creativity Meets Opportunity 

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Founder of Undiscovered 

Can you imagine being rejected time and time again for job interviews that you knew you were skilled and qualified for hoping that one day someone would recognise your qualities and take you on, well that was me 3 years ago. Being in my 3rd year of uni, I needed work experience to complete my module. Although I was going for the opportunities, I wasn’t being accepted for any of them.

Of course frustration and despair did set in, but I was determined no matter what I would get this experience before returning to uni.


On a day out with friends, I was inspired to do a fashion show as my project for module. After speaking to my mum, she saw it bigger than what I was saying and recognised it for being a platform for up and coming creatives. Originally we thought it was a one time project but this year would be our 4th annual fashion show since 2018. As the years have gone on we have seen there is a growing need for this platform as each year, we receive more applications.


With limited financial aid, our passion to see people grow confidence, excel and believe in their product/ services through our platform, has made every penny worth it. Many of the creatives who have used our platform have either just started out or have not been recognised in their field, hence our brand name. We desire to see more diversity  and collaboration in our fashion shows across the different sectors we provide i.e MUA’s, designers, models, photographer, up and coming businesses (vendors), musicians etc and widen ours and their networking opportunities to make a mark.


Our vision is to broaden our platform into different streams and inject confidence and opportunities  back into the world where confidence is broken. Many people who started with us came with little confidence and left with confidence and experience to add to their portfolio.


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Juliet Igbokwe
Marketing & Branding Consultant  


Courtney Charles
Lead Makeup Artist 

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Ruth Adom


Kayode Balogun
Graphics Designer

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