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The New Age Of Independent Fashion.

Today’s industry is focused on luxury and high-street brands such as Gucci, Louis Viton, Bershka and H&M. Most of these brands are the forefront of fashion. An industry which is worth over $1.55 trillion and is later expected to reach $1.7 trillion. It is evident that even though the industry is filled with many different brands that provide different services these brands are the only ones in the spotlight.

However, in recent years there has been a significant increase in the rise of independent brands. Consumers are now not only shopping at conglomerate fashion brands but also looking for smaller business to do their shopping. Many customers believe that by shopping at these independents instead of larger brands they are living a more ethical lifestyle. It is important to remember that psychographics of consumer today have dramatically changed, and this is what is drawing them to independent brand.

Due to these brands being smaller they are more likely to produce smaller stock because of the low demand for their products. Therefore, their low batch production will lead to a reduction of unsold stocks and waste. These brands also have a localized supply chain. They do not have a global manufacturing process and most of their products are made locally. This has become a very important element for customers because it means that brands have a lower their environmental Impact. Not only are these brands more ethical but they also offer niche designs and unique products which have been generated by local creators. These local creators do not have to follow the standard criteria that mainstream designers have to. This is another fundamental reason why independent brands are on the rise; they can create a sense of individualism in fashion that draws customers to their products.

Overall, it is key that consumers take the spotlight away from mainstream brands such as Primark, River Island and luxury brands like Dior and Balenciaga. It is time to give consumer attention to independent brand. Brands that provide a different outlook on fashion.

Here at Undiscovered LDN we do just that. We understand the significance of giving new and upcoming designers a stage to present their amazing and unique work. Our fashion shows give designers the chance to gain the spotlight they need and deserve.


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